• Leather Cream - Cleaner

Leather Cream - Cleaner


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Leather Spa cream helps condition your leather products, keeps them looking new, restores their appearance, and extends the life of your product.


  • Remove any dirt or dust from the item with a cloth. For shoes wipe clean the edges of the sole and heel as well
  • Using a small horse hair brush or cloth apply the cream evenly throughout the item; apply in a circular motion. For shoes use a small brush to get into the welt; if needed. Let stand for 3-5 minutes; this will give the leather the time to absorb the cream.
  • Brush the entire item with a horse hair brush to bring out the shine. After you can also buff the item with a chamois cloth for that extra shine.
  • For leather goods be sure to brush and or buff the item well otherwise color may transfer due to any excess cream that has not penetrated into the leather.

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