Womens Shoe Repair

Heels – Soles

Regular Lift 
Oversize Lift

Heels Cut Down 
Depending on the pitch of the last we can lower the existing heel height by ¼” to ½”.

Leather Lifts
English Lifts 
Build Up
If the lift is worn down into the heel we must first build it back up to its original height before putting on the new lift.

Full Leather Soles
Half Leather Sole 
Half Rubber Soles
We have many types of rubber with various designs and thicknesses.

Full Rubber Soles
Leather or Rubber Tipa
If the sole is in good condition you can just repair the tips, which tend to wear down first.

Our leather is imported from a European company who uses the classic traditional method of ground tanning with pure vegetable tanning agents – a process which takes 12 months to complete.

Protective Sole

A protective sole is applied to extend the life of the sole and increase slip resistance. Soles are available in black, beige, dark beige and white. We do not simply glue the protective sole on top of the existing sole, we carefully sand down the existing sole so that the soleguard is set firmly into the sole. This ensures that neither the balance nor the look of the shoes are affected.

Note: if the tips of the existing sole are worn down we must first repair the tip before putting on the soleguard (additional charges apply).

Inner Sole – Heel Counter

Heel Counters
A shoe’s heel counter is covered with leather forming the back of a shoe or boot. If a hole has developed we can replace the leather and if the heel counter has lost its shape it too can be replaced.

If your innersoles are old and worn out we can replace it with quality leather that matches the color as best as possible. If there is a label we can also put it on the new innersole (this depends on the condition of the label).

Our Specialty

Fix Broken Heel or Heels

We can fix all types of heels, if we can’t we can replace them with a similar pair of heels. After the heels are fixed they are wrapped with new leather or suede or fabric that is the same color or similar.

Cleaning, Color & Re-finish

We perform cleaning and re-conditioning on all types of leather, suede, satin, fabric and exotic skins. We have a large department specifically devoted to the cleaning and restoration of your leather goods. We have spent many years searching for the perfect cleaning/conditioning agents for leather, suede, fabric and exotic skins. We can also clean your accessories such as bags, purses, wallets and belts.

Shoe Cleaning / Re-conditioning
Boot Cleaning / Re-conditioning


We have different machines that we use for the stretching process. We have one skilled artisan who specifically devotes all their time to our in house stretching process. After the stretching process is complete, the leather is polished and/or conditioned.

Note: Shoes do stretch out naturally so we recommended that you try to break them in first. If they still don’t feel comfortable, send them in to us to stretch.

Depending on the material and construction of the shoe we can stretch it up to a half size larger.

TIP: Please keep in mind that when you widen a shoe you also get a little more room in the length. So if the width is an issue and the length slightly we recommended only stretching the width. If you are not sure with what needs to be done you can include a picture of your shoes showing where it hurts and we can tell you what needs to be done.

Stretch Width and/or Toe box
Stretch Length
Stretch Width and Length

Stretch Boot Calf 
Stretch Boot Instep 
Stretch Width and Length

Depending on the material and construction of the boot we can stretch the calf up to ½ ” to 2”.

TIP: If calf stretching still doesn't solve the problem

we can add a leather or elastic gore. For this procedure we would want to see you in person.

To measure your calf, take a tape measurer and measure the circumference of your calf.

If you have any questions call or email us.

Note: Shoes / Boots do stretch out naturally so we recommended that you try to break them in first. If they still don’t feel comfortable, send them in to us to stretch.