Perfect Gel - Spot Cleaner - $7.95

Our Perfect Gel was created for the removal of spots/stains on leather. Do not use this product on Patent Leather or Suede.

  • Made in France


Remove any dirt or dust from the item with a cloth. With a paper towel gently apply/rub the gel in a circular motion. Using some pressure will help work the gel into the leather to break up the stain/dirt particles. If the stain/dirt is not embedded into the leather then it will loosen from the leather. Using a clean/dry section of the paper towel, wipe off the dirt. Finally, buff with a soft cloth to bring back the luster in the leather.

If used correctly, the stain will come out without removing the color of the leather.

This product works best with fresh stains; anything more than 48 hours may have already begun to settle into the leather.

NET WT 1.4 oz.


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