Suede & Nubuck Premium Cleaning Kit - $12.95

Leather Spa Suede & Nubuck Premium Cleaning Kit. Comes with 4-Way brush, eraser and directions in a convenient travel pouch. Can be used to to clean shoes, boots, handbags and jackets.


    Using the appropriate side of the SUEDE AND NUBUCK BRUSH, gently brush the surface of the item. For suede that is lightweight and soft with a velvet-like nap, use the rubber bristles side. For suede that is stiff, heavy, and thick with a coarse nap, use the nylon bristles side. Brush back and forth, regardless of the direction of the nap.

    For scuff marks, blemishes, and shiny spots that cannot be removed with the suede brush, use the SUEDE ERASER on the affected area. It is normal for the suede eraser to crumble during use. Use the SUEDE AND NUBUCK BRUSH to remove eraser crumbles and bring back the material’s nap.

    Apply WATER & STAIN REPELLANT, following directions on the label. STEP FOUR: Apply DEODORIZER*, following directions on the label.

    On a new item it is recommend that you use the SUEDE AND NUBUCK BRUSH before applying the WATER & STAIN REPELLANT. Brush it in the direction of the nap.

    After use or wear, brush your suede item removing any dust or dirt that may have accumulated throughout the day. Spots and stains on suede that is protected will also brush out easily. Waiting too long will cause spots and stains to adhere to the fibers of the suede, creating a permanent stain.


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