Leather belt repair requires detail and care. At Leather Spa, we devote an entire department to focus on such details, ensuring that any damage or normal wear and tear that occurs with any beloved belts appears nonexistent by the time it returns to you.

You can read more about the variety of services we offer for leather belt repair by checking out one of the leather repair services listed below:

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Featured Services

Event Shoe Shine Chair

Utilizing our high-quality care products, uniformed shoeshine expert and custom-designed leather, mahogany, and brass shoe shine chair, Leather Spa is pleased to offer Shoe Shine event services within the Tri-State area. Contact [email protected] for more information and bookings. This service is currently unavailable due to COVID.

Embossing & Monogramming

We offer high quality silver or gold foil and natural heat-set finish embossing at all our Manhattan locations.

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Corporate Services

For decades, Leather Spa is the trusted, go-to accessory repair service provider for the world’s leading luxury, fashion and accessory companies.

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